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Re: No “groups_before_delete_group” hook?

I am now learning that this isn’t the only BuddyPress delete hook that is placed in this way. I’d also like to hook into `groups_remove_data_for_user()`, but same deal – the action is triggered only *after* the user’s group membership data has occurred (and that’s the data I need access to for Google Docs). I’m going to have to hook into WP’s user delete actions instead, specifying a higher priority than BP, since they are triggered immediately before deletion, when the data I need is still available.

A similar incident was noticed in WordPress core w.r.t. user deletion a few years ago, and I guess developers agreed to insert an additional hook: one prior to deletion – `delete_user`, and one following deletion – `deleted_user`. (Original bug reported here:

Can the same additional delete hooks be added to BuddyPress?

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