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Re: No Title of Each Posts and Pages

Roger Coathup


You should have signed up for the 24 hour priority support plan – drop @apeatling a line and ask him to upgrade you.

You can change the structure of the page title by implementing your own version of the function: bp_page_title(), or by implementing a filter on bp_page_title. ( You’ll find these functions in bp-core-templatetags.php)

Put your modified function (or filter) in your bp_custom.php file

If you go the modified function route, remember to update your header.php in your bespoke theme to call the modified function instead of the core bp_page_title().

You might also want to suggest a change request for a future version of BuddyPress to output title in a more SEO friendly way by default.

If you have any problems with filters, bp_custom.php, or writing your own bespoke theme, you will find plenty of support threads in these forums

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