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Re: No Title of Each Posts and Pages



“Don’t just cut and paste my comment and edit in the word “NOT” – it will confuse people.”

Not true, I edit words “the post”, “BUT” and “NOT.”

I’m sorry that you thought it will confuse people. I didn’t cut and paste your comment so therefore I altered your comment to my comment without quote. The quote means it’s your comment. Without quote it means my comment.

“On my default installation post titles DO work correctly, but page title don’t work.”

My post titles DO NOT work correctly. The post title is “My blog | Home”

My page title DO NOT work correctly. The page title is “My blog | Home”

“If they don’t work on your installation, please make this clear in your reply. I’ll have to leave you to figure out why that is giving a problem on your install, or someone else to step in with thoughts.”

There is no problem in my installation. The WordPress is fine and after install BuddyPress is fine too but the title tag is incorrectly. So that means it is BuddyPress problem. You just admitted:

“You are right about pages though: pages such as About are not getting the correct title tag set. I’ll report this as a separate thread.”

I use:

WordPress 3.0.1
BuddyPress: Version
Theme: BuddyPress Default

Thanks, Mikey3D

PS: There is some confusing with words “post title” and “page title.”

My thought of “post title” is after you click the headline link on the FrontPage to see the page and the title tag is the post title tag.

My thought of “page title” is after you click the “About” navigation link to see the page and the title tag is the page title tag because it‘s a static page.

I’m not talking about H1, H2 for title.

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