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Re: Non-Roman character named blogs don\'t show in A to Z Blog Listing

still giving


The search is utterly misleading at present. I had to take it off because it is just plain wrong.

One naturally suspects ‘search’ searches the website it is on. Yet, it only search a single blog on that website … is that not true? It does not even search the obvious; ‘users’, ‘blogs’ or ‘groups’, never mind the content of those.

I suppose the WPMU search does not even any the BP tables yet, right? I guess the way is to go via the Google sitewise search hack at present? Not great but at least *something*.

Has anyone tried/hacked Sphider to work on WPMU/BP?

Erich, f you work out how to cut out the A to Z out and instead add a sort, at least, by ‘Newest | Active | Popular’, please let me know.

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