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Re: Non-Roman character named blogs don\'t show in A to Z Blog Listing

still giving


I don’t think it is a problem with volunteers. Automattic could just pay people to do the work, or hold an account with a translation company. It is not as though it is a huge piece of work to upkeep. Look e.g. how Mediawiki or PHPBB handles it. It only account for 10s of kb.

(Actually, in my case, Automattic has recently hired bi-lingual Japanese staff and I will be interested to see how they are used).

The problem of language files seems to be a problem that needs addressed at the core of WP, centralized, made much easier to handle and more effective.

Now that Buddypress is part of the stable, I am hoping it is also developed as an international device. I am glad to read that there is awareness of this on the development side ….

what responses about it do you get back from the main developers?

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