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Re: Non-Roman character named blogs don\'t show in A to Z Blog Listing




many thanks for your feedback !

So looking at the current pages “Members” ( and “Groups” ( , I am currently missing the features “newest”, “active” and “popular” at those pages.

We have this at the “Home”-page at the “members column” and also at the “groups column”, but why not having those features also at the “Group”-page and at the “Member”-page ? It would even make good sense there, as the number of listed Groups and listed Members at those pages is much higher.

So maybe you are considering similar stuff for the “Blogs”-page ( ?

A user is rather interested to see “newest”, “active” and “popular” Blogs than a list of Blogs sorted by “A-B-C”. Having a list of Blogs being shown by “A-B-C” as we do have currently, the user needs to walk through a list of hundreds of Blogs in order to find the e.g. “most popular” Blog.

The same goes for Forums ( we currently see “6 Popular Group Forums”. Why not also showing “newest” and “active” Group-Forums within those 6 Group-Forums at the top of the page ?

Besides that: give the Admin the ability to make 1 Group-Forum within those 6 Group-Forums to be “sticky” ? See my TRAC-ticket:

Also sorting “alphabetically” just by “paging” would be fine, the “A-B-C”-tabs are not needed after all, as if somebody wants to search for all members starting with e.g. the letter “K”, he just performs a search by entering the letter “K” into the search-box.

BTW: I just tried what I have described above:

I entered the letter “K” into the search-box and searched for members.

The search-result is actually NOT showing members with the letter “K” (member-names showing in the search-result are actually NOT starting with letter “K” and have also NOT included the letter “K” in their name). Is this a bug ???

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