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Re: Non-Roman character named blogs don\'t show in A to Z Blog Listing

John James Jacoby


The search actually searches all fields of the user/group/blog, and returns anything that is relevant to that item. So if any of my xprofile_field’s have a “k” in it somewhere, it will return me. So in theory, it doesn’t suck yet, it just hasn’t been narrowed down. It’s a blank slate and a starting point to building a better search. Search functions also greatly depend on the goal of the website and what results you’re trying to pull out.

WPMU Sitewide Search plugins currently aren’t for the faint of heart. They take all of your posts/tags/categories for all blogs, lump them into new additional full text database tables, and search those instead. It’s the only real way to do it without a million joins that just wouldn’t make any sense… Problem is you’re duplicating your data twice over into 1 mega huge table, and rebuilding the search index for old posts on a larger website would be an astronomical task that would take days of processing.

@erich73, those are good recommendations for the directories. Put them in a trac ticket as an enhancement for maybe 1.3?

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