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Re: oEmbed for BuddyPress plugin – out now!




What part of the group homepage are you looking at adding the player?

This plugin only adds oEmbed support to activity updates and forum posts.

It looks like has oEmbed support.

But as stated in the readme.txt FAQ, you’ll need to add support for uStream to WordPress’ oEmbed provider list in order to allow uStream embeds. I’m not going to be adding any additional oEmbed providers to WordPress’ default list.

If you know a little bit about code, you can read here to add support yourself:

If you need help adding uStream support, I’m *thinking* of offering premium support to extend the plugin for a nominal fee (similar to other Wp plugin developers).

Yeah I know, not what some people wanted to hear. Basic support will always be free though. Of course, I haven’t thought about this in depth – just a spur-of-the-moment idea your post gave me that is sure to ignite some negativity ;)

Not sure if I’m actually going to go through the premium support model though.


Re: oEmbed Discovery plugin – that should also work. I listed this in the readme.txt and its potential problems if you don’t trust your user base.

Also not sure if the upcoming version of oEmbed for BP (v0.6) will work with the oEmbed Discovery plugin, since the new version of the plugin changes the logic of how URLs are sent to WP’s oEmbed to enhance performance on your DB . I’ll do some testing, but if the oEmbed Discovery plugin doesn’t work in v0.6, at least you’ll still have v0.51!

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