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Re: Only one blog for user

Burt Adsit


That code checks the bp_user_blogs table to see if any blogs have been created for the user. It won’t care about the role a user has in an exiting blog. I checked ‘author’ and ‘administrator’ roles for a blog and it didn’t care. As long as you don’t create a blog for that user in either bp or wpmu backend looks like it ignores them because they haven’t created the blog.

So I guess the answer is yes, John. You can still add users to blogs at any role you want and later on a user can still create a blog for themselves not matter what role they play in the mu blog network as long as they haven’t created a blog.

This is really not the best mechanism to control this but I didn’t see the usual level of ‘actions’ and ‘filters’ in the blogs component that other areas of bp have. Gotta post an enhancement ticket in trac for that I guess.

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