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Re: Outstanding Bugs: Help Appreciated

Burt Adsit


I’ll take

Clear forums cache when replying to a post.

Took a quick look and it seems that the cache is serving up a topic and it’s replies. The cache isn’t being updated when a reply is created. It serves up the topic and all it’s replies until it gets stale. Then it goes and gets fresh stuff.

I’ll take a look around at the other caching activity down in there too.

Speaking of caches. We got the same problem here. Post a new reply and you get served up the prev page without your new post. wp-super-cache? It doesn’t happen all the time. Just most of the time. :)

Oh ya, I don’t think these bugs you’ve listed are very ‘outstanding’ at all Andy. An really interesting bug would be:

“When I view my profile my washer and dryer quit working”. That would be outstanding!

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