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Re: over 1000 not activated users.. what do you suggest we do with them?

Boone there is this plugin which is really for dev setups where passing emails through the dev network is awkward so allows you to register a user normally then go into backend and manually approve using the activation id

WPMU Manual Member Approve:

Would you believe though I just tried to run it on my local site and it’s broken! at least it’s throwing an undefined function error bp_page_title()

Haven’t time to look into that but it doesn’t look to much of an issue.

Of course this doesn’t get round the issue of letting those users know they have been activated and not really sure one wants to simply activate a bunch of accounts when the users are never going to know about it.

Of course once activated and once you have established you are sending emails correctly you might be able to work some means of adding everyone to a group and posting an update to that group that will send a notification out to email addresses?

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