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Re: P2: The New Prologue – a perfect default theme for BuddyPress




Good points although I still think that if a user actually uses their blog, they will be aware of the difference between that and their wire. I mean, you have to consciously dip down into your blog, you are clearly no longer in the profile space.

“Anyone familiar with Twitter doesn’t need help becoming comfortable with what’s going on.”

Perhaps the comparison with Twitter is a little misleading, insofar as the visitor does not see the Twitter-style box, it is more a “QuickPress on steroids” for the blog owner.

It is not so much a question of making the blog owner comfortable, rather it is about that box sitting there as a call to action, an inducement to “Just Do It”. We all need a little encouragement sometimes – not having to dive into the dashboard to post will inevitably result in more posts.

“I think new users would relate more to a photo gallery type of layout than a twitter layout.”

Photo gallery layouts have the disadvantage of looking like a deflated balloon until the user actually uploads some photos. I suspect that, six months down the road, we are all going to be struggling with the problem of encouraging users to even make their first post, nevermind getting them to upload photos.

If getting people to use their blogs is going to be the problem, P2 could be the answer.

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