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Re: P2 Theme As The Wire/Wall?

Korhan Ekinci


@Erich73, Actually members do have their own blogs, I just created another blog at “”. I used the bp-community-blogs plugin, so that members of my bp site automatically became authors of “” blog. This blog uses P2 theme, so it does actually look like wall or wire whatever you want to name it. They can write infinite number of threads.

If you wish you can disable blog creation feature for your members from the admin backend, it does not matter.

@mikhailjon, to emove the blog authors link from the admin bar, go to:


Open bp-core-adminbar.php file and delete these lines:

// **** "Blog Authors" Menu (visible when not logged in) ********
function bp_adminbar_authors_menu() {
global $current_blog;

if ( $current_blog->blog_id > 1 ) {
$authors = get_users_of_blog();

if ( is_array( $authors ) ) {
/* This is a blog, render a menu with links to all authors */
echo '<li id="bp-adminbar-authors-menu"><a href="/">';
_e('Blog Authors', 'buddypress');
echo '</a>';

echo '<ul class="author-list">';
foreach( $authors as $author ) {
$author = new BP_Core_User( $author->user_id );
echo '<li>';

echo '<a href="' . $author->user_url . '">';
echo $author->avatar_mini;
echo ' ' . $author->fullname;
echo '<span class="activity">' . $author->last_active . '</span>';
echo '</a>';
echo '<div class="admin-bar-clear"></div>';
echo '</li>';
echo '</ul>';
echo '</li>';

And this line:

add_action( 'bp_adminbar_menus', 'bp_adminbar_authors_menu', 12 );

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