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Re: Page Not Found Error With 1.1



I am having the same problem.

First when I installed wordpessmu ( Yahoo server)

I selected subdomain( the first option)

Everything installed, I was given temp password

But was unable to login

Re-created database, tested again. Same problem.

The only way to fix this problem was to install with

sub directory ( second option)

So using option two, I was able to login.

Next I installed buddypress.

But a the same thing thats going on with others, happens to me.

members, groups, etc. all those pages are empty and I get page not found error.

Whats up with that?

Can someone help soon.

This is a site for a paying client.

no other plugins installed.

no fancy themes.

I have yet to get that far ( lol)

site is

I am familiar with buddy press, and have it installed on other domains, but they are on dreamhost, and not yahoo. :(

I love dream host.

Thanks in advance, Aisha


I tried fresh installs, new databases, in addition to delete httacess, and wp-config , and re-doing everything.

that does not work for me either :(

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