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Re: Paid membership and subscription plugins



I’m pretty new to Buddypress but thinking about implementing S2Member as well. It looks very good but one thing I’m trying to do is allow my premium members to display more information about themselves than free members.

I think I might be able to restrict free members from accessing a certain field group in their profile so that they just can’t submit the particular details such as Location and Occupation but that seems a little messy.

I’m trying to setup a directory based site for Alternative Therapists such as Reflexologists, Nutritional Therapists, Accupunctuists, Yoga Teachers, etc, etc. I’m doing it for a client and she really likes the idea of having a social network side to the site as well because the therapists will be interested in networking with eachother and their potential clients (free members) will also be able to find them and ask questions or just read what they have to say.

Unfortunately, however, because the search functionality in Buddypress seems quite limited not only is it difficult to narrow down a search for a particuar kind of therapist in a particular location, but it also doesn’t seem possible using S2Member to show only premium members.

I’m thinking I might either have to scrap the idea of using Buddypress or else integrate separate directory pages but if I do that it probably won’t be very easy to tie their details for each system together.

Sorry for the long post – but said it was best to explain it fully to see if anyone has any experience of trying to do something similar or has any good advice.

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