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Re: people willing to alpha test a plugin for buddypress



@Maythil Sorry, I guess the first thing I need to do is better explain this in the readme.txt!

You’ll need to chose some posts to feature in the slideshow. Each post’s edit page has a new meta window: JQuery Slideshow. You’ll need to activate the posts you want to be shown in the slideshow by:

1. Editing the post(s) you want in the slideshow

2. going to the RH side of the edit window in the JQuery Slideshow Widget box

3. choosing “show this post” from the pulldown

That will make that post available to the slideshow. The widget will attempt to grab any images that are part of the post body and show them as the big slideshow image. Alternatively, you can set a special slideshow image by uploading an image to the media library, and setting a custom field for the post called (without quotes) “jqss_image” where the value is the complete URL of the image.

The general idea is something similar to whats in the UL corner of

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