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Re: Performance problem 100% CPU

Andrea Rennick


Without being able to look and see multiple files both within the wordpress part and the server, the most we can do is guess.

Some things I have seen crank the CPU:

– a bad plugin with an off query

– bad code in the theme (make the theme more efficient, revert to default theme to see if that’s the issue)

– inappropriate server settings. Did you really put in a wildcard subdomain (if you use them) or do you have, say 20, listed. (Seen it. Wasn’t pretty.)

– default server settings on high traffic sites. Preforks, child processes – all these can be streamlined.

– an obscure bug with cPanel on CentOS boxes that create a memory leak

– in rare cases a hardware failure

and finally – being hit with spammers constantly. I have a couple older domains, and no matter where I host them, the simple fact they are “out there” mean they get hit with an INSANE amount of spam. Email, comments, splogs – all of it.

Basically, you have to eliminate what it isn’t.

how much traffic do you get? How big is the database?

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