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Re: Performance problem 100% CPU



Thank you all.

Jeff I won’t try compression now because It could increase the CPU usage and this is our main problem. When it resolves we will do.

We have around 6000 page views a day.

Probably we have a very inefficient code somewhere but I don’t know how to find it. I reviewed several times the main blog theme and random files from the plugins but I couldn’t find it. I have just read about Xdebug, ¿Have you worked with It?

We have a wildcard subdomain.

I am not a server administrator but the VPS is fully managed and I think the guys managing it are good and we have migrated from another hosting company where we had the same problem.

¡We have cPanel and CentOS! ¿Could that bug be the problem?

The spam is not a big problem, some comments but not too much.

Thank you again

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