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Re: Permalinks setup with WP intalled in subdirectory and index.php in root



I have checked the above instructions. I’m using the above code and my site is sorted except for the ‘Home’ Page.

All my links, BuddyPress and the pre-existing WordPress links all open on the correct page except the ‘Home Page.

I’m using BuddyPress default theme and when I activated it. it created a ‘Home’ tag that goes straight to the Mysite/WordPress folder and lists its content.

I’ve created a static ‘Home’ page, and this to has created a ‘Home’ tag in the header that does actually go to the home page.

So, currently, I’ve got two ‘Home’ links in my header, an incorrect one taking me to a folder list, and a correct one taking me to my home page.

Is there a way of getting rid of the default home page, just leaving me with the new one I’ve created?

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