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Re: Permalinks setup with WP intalled in subdirectory and index.php in root



So, no news about this?

I just realize that there is a mistake in my original post, about the WP Settings configuration.

Here’s a real life example.

The site I am working on is (existing WP single 2.9.2).

The BP installation serve for a social network section, called CureMates.

WP is installed in a subfolder called site.

Everything works fine.

The problem is that whenever you are in BP components (CureMates section), and you navigate within BP components, you get URLs/permalinks with the subfolder in it:

I just want

WP settings actually are:

Site URL: http://cureuphoria/site/


Is it possible (create a function or something) to tell BP to refer to the Blog URL and not to the Site URL, so that URLs/permalinks are consistent within the whole site?

Ideally (but maybe that is asking too much) I’d like to run BP components from a folder called CureMates, so that URLs/permalinks are:

…and so on…

Which would make the most sense and it’d be clear and clean for the user to know where they are.

Am I the only one wanting something like that?

Is that an impossible task to achieve?

I feel some hints may be in the fuctions I listed above, but I just am not at the level of knowledge to play with this.

Does anyone?

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