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Re: Photo Albums…. omfg!!



Swaymedia I think you should try to see the perspective of the people that are actually taking the time to write these extensive plugins like Brajesh his Gallery component. This is not something you can do easily it takes a lot of time, effort and support (after release).

Imagine you working hundreds of hours on something and then giving it away for free and spending most of your free time working on it. Having to deal with people who are STILL complaining and asking for more features without paying anything for it. Frankly that’s a big part of the life of a BP developer right now, and your reply makes it even more clear how ungrateful people can be.

You would not even have BuddyPress if it was’nt for people like Brajesh who work their ass of for free. If you still want more and are not satisfied then you should create it yourself, for free! And don’t forget to release it to all of the other users and give support and handle all the complaints and feature requests!

Looking forward to your plugins!

edit: another thing.. I’m a member of BuddyDev and the cool thing is that you can directly ask for features you would like to see developed. Right now we (Brajesh, Mercime and others) are brainstorming about Default Global Widgets (for blogs) Facebook Connect Pro and many other cool ideas, which actually have a good chance of being made by Brajesh.. Combine that with some great plugins like “Let a user choose a theme on signup” and the upcoming Gallery component and you have a huge bang for your buck :-)

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