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Re: Photo Albums…. omfg!!

Sven Lehnert


@ All,

Please do not forget, in every developing community, where the developers try to find a way to stay confirm to the Open Source philosophy and also make some profit, it always comes to this point.

The idea of donating does not work. I developed free software by my self .

Some plugins were downloaded thousand of times, but Paypal Donation was always less.

Not more than going out for some beer!

Look what happens to bbpress where ck stopped at least after she got tired of doing things for nothing.

What I want to say is, let’s be careful not to spoil people, who are thinking a lot about our all problems.

Of cause for most of us our busyness is build on Open Source Software.

So we all need the freedom of GPL.

In my opinion premium memberships are a great idea of having the source still GPL. People need to earn money.

I like it much more as the idea of free software with ads. Then you need to pay for ads free one…

I immediately would pay premium memberships for bp-events and other software around buddypress. This will offer stable software, you have a quick support forum and you will find some other stuff like an extra bonus in the premium area.

I’m looking for a free future without ripping of peoples engagement.

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