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Re: Photo Albums…. omfg!!

Mike Pratt


This is not a complaint, I promise. @djpaul – that highlights one for the issues we all deal with with plugins and core and why more information (and I distinguish “information” from promises”) from everyone can be so crucial.

Case in point: #brajesh is close to completion on his photo component. I have paid for it and I fully assume all risk. If a core photo component is < 6 mo away then I will, no doubt, be left with a choice to make and I will feel a little sorry for Brajesh and all the work he’s done.

It is what it is. My biggest fear, however, is using a 3rd party photo plugin, getting users to load tons of pics, and soon thereafter seeing a core photo component that is just different enough that it renders all my uploads from the 3rd party plugin useless and in need of re-uploading.

What could be useful would be guidance to those building components that dance around core things (such as this topic) Guidance such as: Hey, mr Dev Dude, we’re planning on X in 3 months. It will do roughly a, b, and c as it’s core functionality. Duplicate that if you wish, but just so you know.

I’d bet you’d; find resources from 3rd party dudes shifted appropriately instead of many wheels being re-invented. I know this is the dearth of all open source 3rd party setups. Just thinking out loud

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