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Re: Plugin authors: How are you planning to use the new



@thekmen – I’d say you’re ‘on topic’. The new can’t be used to support plugins until there is a common understanding of how is organized and operating.

Very happy (in a misery loves company kind of way) to read these posts. I’m having trouble understanding the flow of content on the new You’d think it would be fairly intuitive given I host a bp site and have been a frequent visitor of the old bp layout. I agree that Activity Stream reply’s to forum posts should be disabled. Where are we posting comments / reporting bugs / asking and answering questions about specific plugins? Plugins now have group pages but there is no group forum. Are we supposed to post Everything on the Group’s Activity Page? That doesn’t seem to lend itself to efficient/effective archiving of various topics and discussions. Maybe we’re still in the early transition stage and I missed the memo explaining ‘who’s on first’. If I did miss an ‘overview’ post about the new, please point me to it.

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