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Re: Plugin authors: How are you planning to use the new



I am shocked, however, that Andy left on the Activity stream Reply function for forum posts which which, by design, bifurcate the support conversations due to those users who live more in the Activity stream than Groups

I use etivite-rich’s @nuprn1 (man I wish he had an easier username to remember, display and ‘real’ username) subplugin for Activity stream replies to forum posts that show up inline (ajax-expandable) to the forum posts themselves. It’s perfect, and keeps the conversation from fracturing. Preserves hierarchy in replies, too.

Don’t expect @andy‘s going to do that here, though.

What @mikepratt said is exactly right, though. I’m looking forward to seeing some serious useability changes as a result of using the current BP here. As it stands, and much as I think BP is great stuff, I think it’s a poor fit for the purpose. I am very sympathetic to my users’ concerns and complaints during a recent alpha run with BP for an existing community, even more than I was before, about being confused about how the parts fit together (until I seriously changed things around, changed terminology with the language file, and beefed up forums functionality a lot).

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