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Re: Plugin authors: How are you planning to use the new

Master feed doesn’t really replace the recent posts list, it’s an rss feed and formatted depending on your browser, in Opera that isn’t usable for me as a replacement.

I am very conscious of how changes of the magnitude do take time to settle down with from experiences with another forum that went through a similar conceptual change from original Vbulletin trad forum to a far more community orientated site using Drupal. One thing the regulars and mod agreed on was that to a man/woman we all entered the site via the Tracker page labeled ‘Recent Posts’ that simply kept a single list of all posts made across the sites subforums/groups for those of us that checked all posts this was and remains an absolutely fundamental and vital page to enable fast tracking of new or updated posts along with the ability to filter to our own responded or started topics/posts – something that I feel is going to be missed here?

@boone I guess now that your original thread on the Send Invites plugin should be considered closed? otherwise you end up having two separate areas to track and the attendant confusion that brings, but it feels slightly odd that I now have to find that plugin group, join and remember to keep track of it.

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