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Re: Plugin authors: How are you planning to use the new

Jeff Sayre



Trying to take this thread back to Boone’s original topic (and I think purpose), I plan on using the forum feature of each plugin’s group as the primary support area for each of my plugins–athough I may still offer a premium support model in another location. I’ll use the primary BP support forum Third Party Components & Plugins as a place to announce any new plugins, but I will do so only after I’ve set up a group for that plugin. That way, I can post a link to the plugin’s new group in my announcement thread.

One issue that remains to be determined is how extracting the discussion of a given plugin to its own support forum will detract from its buzz. In the old model, since all discussion about a given plugin took place within the main (as in the only) support forums container, it was a great place to have your work stay forefront in people’s mind.

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