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Re: Plugin Hall of Shame! :) Plugin Devs Please Read

Sam Steiner


Most of all, I would like to see:

– BuddyPress Album+

– Welcome Pack

…in the “good plugins” list. Many of the other BP-crashing plugins don’t even work :-) Now which is better: not working at all in BP 1.2.x or BP crashing in 1.2.x? I say: not working at all may be better for BuddyPress reception – because it is clear that the problem is a plugin problem and not BuddyPress.

The first time I got a “white-out” I was frustrated with BP, didn’t immediately think of the plugin developers.

My offer to bring this a step further: for “Welcome Pack” and “BuddyPress Album+” – based on an hourly rate of $60 and the 5 minutes needed to correct the plugin, I will donate $5 via PayPal each if they get corrected by the end of the month (2 or 3 days). Even though I have already updated to BP 1.2.3 by deactivating those plugins temporarily. :-)

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