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Re: Plugin: PmWiki in Buddypress.




Hi Tim! I think that the plugin is looking good at the moment. Even if it’s only in it’s starting phase. Personally I would prefer a stronger integration, although this probably can be done with skins it would e neat if the wiki loaded inside bp much like group forums. But it’s hardly very important right now. I have a question though.

Will it be available for download soon or is the plugin not meant for the public? Looking forward to being able to tinker with it on my testinstall of buddypress.

PS. As the plugin works now each wiki can have a wire. The user experience is pretty much the same as a group except it does not have a forum. And if I understood everything correct the plugin is based on buddypress groups. The difference right now between placing the wiki inside a group making a “group wiki” and how it is now is that the current solution basically creates 2 types of groups, one with forum function and one with wiki function.

As a wikis main function is often to document something it is usually tied to something. A community or a project, or if you will, a group. The nature of this documentation is fairly static and in depth, as in once the documentation is done it covers most aspects on the subject and changes very little. A wiki page is often written by many people.

Compared to that a blog is quite different. While a blog can be tied to something else it is tied much more loosely and can in fact stand on its own. The nature of a blogpost also differs from a wiki page in many ways. They tend to focus on the specialised and recent. You seldom return to a blogpost to edit it, you write a new one instead. A blogpost is often written by one person.

This is why I think merging the two different types of groups so that wikis appear inside groups instead of having them appear inside their own group category would be preferable.

While running blog on your own makes perfect sense, doing the same with a wiki does not. Especially on a social network site. If you simply just want to use a wiki-engine, simply just install one.

This is just some reflections I had on the plugin.

But then again elloandfriends is your project and you know best what kind of solutions will work for it. I also have no idea of the technical difficulties involved. But as for the plugin as such I think it would be more user friendly and create less confusion with wikis integrated in groups.

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