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Re: Plugin: PmWiki in Buddypress.


As stated above, a blog is typically more personal… written by one person. A Wiki is the opposite. The whole point of a Wiki is group collaboration… group being the key word. So within an organization, you may have a Management group, an IT group, a Training group… etc… and they would all have their own documentation to manage and collaborate on. So to me… Wiki’s within a group just make sense. Right now, the only thing you can share within a BuddyPress group is chat on the wire. But within an organization (for instance)… groups have much greater needs that that.

In case you couldn’t tell… I’m hoping to use BP someday as an Intranet… which to me means social networking + collaboration and document sharing. BP 1.0 has the social networking aspect nailed right now. It’s VERY nice. So sweet. I just hope it takes off and developers start getting on board to extend it.

p.s. I like the Elgg approach of having Wiki’s and Files within groups but also allowing you to browse *ALL* Wikis and Files on the site… so you don’t have to get to them from the group.

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