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Re: Plugin: PmWiki in Buddypress.



> Will it use a wikifarm installation where the main installation is in /wiki/ and when a new wiki is created it will create an independent wiki in /wiki/examplewiki/ using the wiki-engine in /wiki/ or will it simply create a new group in the main wiki /wiki/?

It will be for example (Link will not work)

The engine will be the same for all the wikis. You can even those the skin for your wiki. But one cool feature is, that you can inherid material from the main wiki. The idee is: We have lots of course-material in one wiki. But you want to rearrange it useing the existing stuff in a subwiki. It is even possible to have something like.

But we don’t have a user interface for that at the moment.

> Will it use the user authorisation from the wpmu/bp-database or the built in system?

The authorisation will be from the wpmu/bp-database. If you are a user of Buddypress, you can create new wikis, invite friends etc. It is based on the group plugin and will work in a simular way.

> Will you need someone to test it? (I’m no programmer but i would love to help in anyway i can.)

If you send me an E-Mail i can give you the access-data. If you wan’t to help, documentation und support will be importend. In a few weeks, i would love to see a video on showing the stuff.

> Will it be available for download?

Yes. If it works correct and documentations is done, you can download it. Everything should be GPL.


Sorry for my english.

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