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Re: Plugin: PmWiki in Buddypress.

Ahhhh… the wpmu + buddypress + integrated wiki platform question. Something we’ve actually spent quite a lot of time thinking about ourselves!

– First up, unfortunately there’s nothing out there :/

– Secondly, a third party approach is definitely a decent idea as good wikis are hard to build!

– But finally, that’s not as easy as it might at first appear – and you might end up wanting to simplify things a little and build a native plugin (which is what we’ve been toying with for sometime).

You can actually see an example of a very basic (internal) wiki setup over at our Edublogs Campus sandpit site:

U: admin P: pass (gets wiped every hour)

First up there’s our (pree BP :) communities:

And as you can see each community gets its own uber simple wiki, for example:

Am not pitching (well, ok, I am a bit ;) but rather I think it’s an example of what you can get done in a fairly simple way.

Of course though – having an extra ‘communities’ tab is kinda counter-BP-stylee… so you can make your mind up on that too, I’m sure most of the regulars around here would definitely see mucho lacking in our setup as opposed to BP (as do we!)

Hope that helps.

Cheers, James

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