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Re: Plugin Release: Group Activity Email Notifications

I say it again: GREAT plugin – thanks alot!!!

A couple suggestions/questions:

1. Do I get it right: I can set the default in the backend, but eyery user (not the group admin) sets/changes the notification for themselves?

2. Forum-Notification: I don’t want forums activated on my site, but I cannot get it off (no CSS classes for display:none). It is also not dynamically I guess, for I disabled forums in the backend, but still shows forum-notifications… Any solution to this?

3. What exactly means “added something new to the group”? Is that comments? Is that another plugin like gallery, group-documents etc?

4. Member must be registered for option: When I type 0 in the field, that would mean no delay, right?

5. “You can also specify a minimum gap in time between updates regarding group wiki page edits.” This sentence does not make sense to all the users who haven’t wikis installed. It’s hardcoded. Any solution to get rid of it?

6. Last but not least: Is it translatable??? I really would love to do that for german (at least try it as my first :-)) – could you provide a POT-File?

Thanks for all the work. This is REALLY IMPORTANT for us and well/simple made!

Ps: This is my test-install-site: – there I am testing your plugin :-)

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