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Re: Plugin: Simple Twitter plugin

Tim Nicholson


Erwin, it sounds like you are barking up the wrong tree with Facebook. I’m an FB app and connect developer and you don’t need to get anyone’s user ID and password. You connect their FB account with your website via the FB Connect javascript libraries and then you have access to their friends, etc. using the generated session key. All that TOS stuff you posted is just saying you can’t ask a user for his FB password and store it. You don’t need to know that person’s FB password to access their social graph.

I’d LOVE to see BuddyPress expanded to display FB friends, FB activity stream, etc. for a person’s friends whether or not they are a user of your website or not. I’m working on expanding a WordPress FB Connect plugin by right now. I have it displaying all your FB friends and displaying your FB news stream. I need to work on stylesheets to get the stuff to look decent, but I have the core functionality up and running. Check out I want to add Twitter and MySpace support as well and also generate an ATOM feed (actually, better yet an format) with stream posts from ALL connected social network sites. Kind of like a type site.

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