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Re: plugin-template.php using member theme?

Well, personally I consider the member and blog directories to belong to the same “type” of page as the profile and other pages that use the member theme.

But, more to the point, the problem I’m having is that plugin-template.php relies heavily on proprietary BuddyPress functions which makes it hard to integrate into themes with layouts that are different than the basic BuddyPress layout. Since the member theme is designed specifically for BuddyPress I figured it would be easier to have the pages that use the plugin-template.php use that theme rather than writing code that changes the way the blog themes display just for that one page.

I mean, it should be possible to have the “members” and “blogs” directories use the members theme rather than the main theme since “members/username” uses the member theme. I was hoping that there would be an easy way to do it (like bp_get_member_header() or something like that). Oh well.

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