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Re: Plugin update first_name, last_name in wp_usermeta on activation



The ideal registration form would look like this:

– fullname

– email address

Both fields would of course be mandatory. Ideally fullname would be checked for two or more parts, but xprofile_sync_wp_profile() can handle one part input and I can live with an occassional missing last name.

I use a jQuery validation script on another form in my site, that I may also be able to use on the registration form. As far I understand it doesn’t interfere with anything on the server side.

Username would be generated behind the scenes from fullname.

Many other member information fields would be optional under edit profile.

If I can figure out how to select fullname from meta in wp_signups, adapting xprofile_sync_wp_profile() shouldn’t be that difficult.

Or are my latest attempts above still nowhere near a solution? If you see the obvious mistakes, please point them out.

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