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Re: Possible Bug: Group Avatar upload interface doesn\'t render

For those of you using Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin it’s quite possible there is a conflict with the thickbox.js reference. I am revising the method used by the plugin to insert the thickbox code in the header. I believe that might be the cause of the conflict as it relates to AWPCP. I have not verified this yet. Have sent a modified test file to the user who reported this thread to me and awaiting his report on whether the changes do in fact fix his problem. Will update once that information is provided.

If you want to test for yourself in the meantime you can find and completely remove this function at around line 144 in awpcp.php

function awpcp_insert_thickbox() {

global $siteurl,$wpinc;

echo “n”.’

<link rel=”stylesheet” href=”‘.$siteurl.’/’.$wpinc.’/js/thickbox/thickbox.css” type=”text/css” media=”screen” />

<script type=”text/javascript”>

var tb_pathToImage = “‘.$siteurl.’/’.$wpinc.’/js/thickbox/loadingAnimation.gif”;

var tb_closeImage = “‘.$siteurl.’/’.$wpinc.’/js/thickbox/tb-close.png”;




Update: you will also need to remove the line

add_action(‘wp_head’, ‘awpcp_insert_thickbox’, 10);

(you’ll find it around line 167)

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