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Re: Possible Bug: Group Avatar upload interface doesn\'t render

For anyone using Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin, the above recommendations for removing the function awpcp_insert_thickbox() and the line add_action(‘wp_head’, ‘awpcp_insert_thickbox’, 10); are on target. You just need to take one additional step of going to “Image Settings” in the classifieds options and turning off the thickbox/lightbox option. At least as far as Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin is concerned this is indeed a thickbox.js conflict.

If you’re having the problem but not using AWPCP, one of your plugins might be using thickbox.js and calling it directly without using wp_enqueue_script. Or they could be using wp_enqueue_script but the placement in the page header still creates a conflict. This is just one possibility you might explore. There could be other causes.

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