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Re: Possible to add another friends list?


Thanks for the reply r-a-y

Basically I want to have the ability for people to add their favorite members (friends), but also an ability to add their least favorite or ones that they are odds with.

Since this is going to be a sports site, it’s going to revolve around member-opinions on teams and players. One user might love the Dolphins but hate the Jets. After using the site they’ll get to know each other more and it becomes more of a competitive like thing. So they can add each other to keep track of each others for updates, etc. I suppose its more of a novelty idea, but I’m trying to be different than other sites out there.

If I were to try to do this, would it be some as you mentioned and perhaps copy the friends function (renaming it to rivals in the process) and setting up the ability to mark a member a friend or rival? Or is it slightly more complicated than that?

(I’m a front-end designer, so back-end work is very new to me haha :D)

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