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Re: Post via e-mail

PH (porsche)



I get the fact that resources such as moderators time and community time is scarce and thus should be treated properly.

As you said:

**Buddypress doesn’t provide blog functions, it doesn’t provide user management**

How do I know if something is an intended effect of the software or a glitch. *..ask a question…* Like they say: “There are no stupid questions”

* I realize that you are an “Expert”, but many are not.

* I realize that you have self appointed yourself as the adjudicator of all things relevant in this forum.

I dont understand why ‘you’ dont understand:

…The question was asked.

…The answer and guidance was given by a simple link.

… I appreciate Xevo for it, and Im a little wiser.

Im frustrated not by the process, Im frustrated by your curt attitude and unhelpful response. (Simply stated, its unproductive)

It is exactly your response of “go somewhere else attitude” that has given buddypress the reputation of having poor support.

Get over it! The question was asked and an answer was given! Move-on!

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