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Re: Preview button for forum posts?

still giving


Basic features” such as?</quote>

ability to make standalone forums

usability of plugins

admin backend

As a beta testing guinea pig, I find the BP version a bit slow … it renders the post box first, which then disappears before the groups/forums/whatever they are appear.

But, really, I meant far more along the lines of what is commonly expect of a BB/internet discussion forum, like quote and preview buttons, text editors.

I get the feeling that BBpress was already the poor neglected cousin of the Automattic stable before it was adopted by the BP “department”.

I am finding it is not really attractive to ordinary users. They do not adopt to it the way they do to phpBB etc.

OK, the geekier, techie end of us might appreciate the slim characteristics of the front end but Joe Internet needs all his buttons.

(I am not anti-BP/BB by any means … quite the opposite. I am just wishing that Automattic invested more of their recently received multi-millions into developing it further and quicker).

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