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Re: Privacy ?

Brajesh Singh



hi Peter

We understand you pointing to the issues. There is no problem with that. It is a community project and Automattic and Andy is doing the good things for us. Automattic does not get funds for supporting wp+wpmu+bp(well Now they may get as WordPress foundation has been formed).

Instead of criticizing, if we appreciate what they have done for us and politely ask for the features, I am sure, Andy is listening and will be glad to accomodate.

Buddypress is one of the great project and see how much improvement has been in recent times. Please do not take the things personal, and let us keep the community constructive, It will be better for all of us.

Hope you don’t mind my words. Yes, currently Bp is more developer friendly than the end user, but with time, It has improved so much and you may expect it to be much more end user friendly by bp 1.3(my guess)

Please let us keep it constructive.

@all, Please keep this thread free from personal attacks before DjPaul sees this thread :)

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