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Re: Privacy ?



I agree that privacy is a prime concern, but I think by using plugins that work to your needs is a better approach then making everything core..

To use your analogy, WordPress is an Engine in a car.. Tested to be working 100% and made sure everything is perfect…

BuddyPress is an aftermarket Turbo that a bunch of guys got working on that engine..

It’s awesome, we all want it, but its not going to be totally perfect out the gate, and in the end may make your engine blow up..

Over Time I see privacy, images, user levels, events, projects, etc. becoming core but for now the idea is a stable base we can add on to..

If anyone ever used WP 1+ the switch to 2+ was NUTS and then 2.5+ OMG..

So much of what was a “Plugin” became core, and now look at 2.9 All those image plugins, thumbnail plugins, ETC went out the window when the core worked that functionality in.

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