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Re: privacy issues

I am sure dsader can fix it without much effort. I opted generally to go with the plugin I have referenced before called “Members Only” on my smallest install which is just for family. Reason I went with this plugin over dsaders was both the RSS feeds as well as the ability to have the blogs you want still being “public” in their settings, but still members only.

What that means is the main WPMU blog can be private and only accessible to logged in members. If blog 1 is public, it shows in the main sitewide feeds. If blog 2 is private to members only, I can still set it as “public access” in the privacy options, but the “members only” plugin will not allow viewing without logging in, but the blog posts will still show in the main WPMU blog widgets.

Not the best solution for larger sites, but I am assuming that when Andy has a chance to implement the privacy options into buddypress, this will be a moot issue at some point.

Just some additional thoughts.


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