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Re: Problem intalling Forums in Buddypress: Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 31719424) (tried to al

Hugo Ashmore


Said this before, but worth saying again, this setting does NOT technically increase the memory It adjusts the ‘Limit’ of memory available, it’s a safeguard feature that prevents scripts from consuming too much memory, increasing it blindly is NOT a good thing to do as the point of the exercise is to do what is being seen here, that of killing the script trying to run and bring down the system. If you – in theory – increased the limit to the max the box provided you could then run a script which infinitely looped, and that in turn would crash the box and all sites running on it requiring a re-boot to get the system back up. I would expect any good hosting service to preempt users trying to change this setting.

Following Ray’s advise to disable plugins should be attempted in the first instance.

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