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Re: problem with subdirectory paths on new install (WPMU + BP)

Scott B


Thank you for your help and replies. I added the define to my wp-config.php. That did not solve my problem.

1. With no users or blogs in the system other than the site-wide blog and admin user, visiting “blogs.corp.lan” takes me to the Corp Blog. From there, I can click on the Activity / Members / Groups / … etc. tabs, taking me to “blogs.corp.lan/activity”, “blogs.corp.lan/members”, … etc. pages. This looks good.

2. Now, after I login as a user, the user’s page gets created (but unfortunately with the WordPress mu Homepage (Kubrick) theme, even though I have disabled all themes other than the BuddyPress default theme). After I go to the user’s dashboard and change the theme to the BP default theme, and visit the user’s site, it takes me to “blogs.corp.lan/username”. Great, that’s what I expect from a WPMU installation. However, from the User’s home blog, clicking on Activity takes us to “blogs.corp.lan/username/activity”, saying Page Not Found, The page you were looking for was not found. Same with the other BP tabs (Members, Groups, Forums, Blogs). This is not desired.

Is it possible to set up my installation so that the BP tabs are global for all blogs in my corporate lan? That is, from ANY blog for ANY logged in user, clicking on “Members” should take us to “blogs.corp.lan/members”, not “blogs.corp.lan//members”.

Also, and I realize this is a different question, how do I configure it so that the BP theme is the default theme when a new user authenticates?

Thank you for your help. I greatly appreciate it.

– Scott B

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