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Re: Problem with the forum setup of a bbPress forum into BuddyPress

Hi Jeff, I didn’t see your post before I made my last reply. OMG! I was over thinking this one.

I didn’t realize that Buddypress had a copy of bbPress included in it. There is sort of a good reason for that but I won’t go into that part of my situation.

Yes, I was thinking that I had to install the forum manually and then hook it up. My site is a BuddyPress site that I simply wanted to add a forum too much like this site. I wanted people who sign up for the site to have one login for a sitewide use including the forum.

Sounds like I need to uninstall the forum–it has no data in it. If I uninstall this bbPress forum and remove those bb_ tables from my site database. Do I simply point the BuddyPress forum setup to my location? Thanks.

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