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Re: problem with using the home theme as a user theme




I tried the code you provided:

If I browse to my p2 user blog while logged out, it does not show me anything in the userbar. I would like to provide the user the option to log in from the user blog itself. Is the code supposed to show the BP log in/signup links in the userbar?

If I browse to my p2 user blog while logged in, it shows the user avatar, member profile link and logout link. If I click the logout link, it takes me to the standard WP login page with the message ‘you are logged out’. Can you suggest a way to have it redirect to the same page on the userblog frontend except with the user logged out?

I hope I am being clear about my questions. I am a novice at programming so only have a basic understanding of what the code is doing.

Thanks again for your help.

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