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Re: Problems with #load more button



Yes, I am having the same issue. I am running single-user WP 2.9.2 and the latest BP release, I am only seeing this problem in the site-wide Activity stream — the individual Group and member Profile activity streams are each working correctly, loading new content when “load more” is clicked. But for some reason, on the site-wide Activity stream, clicking “Load More” once works to load a second page of content, but after that it keeps loading the same second page of content tacked on the the end of the previous display of the same content. Like this, where the numbers represent.

Here is the pattern (each “page” displays 20 Activity stream items):

— Open Activity stream page, and the most recent 20 activity items are shown.

— Cick “Load More” and a second batch of 20 activity items are loaded after the first 20.

— Cick “Load More”, and the same second batch of 20 activity items are loaded after the first 20 and fist copy of the second twenty.

— Continues…

In other words, if you clicked on “Load More” a bunch of times, here’s the activity items that would be listed:

Items 1-20

Items 21-40

Items 21-40

Items 21-40

Items 21-40

Items 21-40…

For some reason it is stuck on that second group of twenty items.

I checked the BuddyPress demo site, and the Activity stream “Load More” is working fine there, so something @anton and myself are doing is causing it to hiccup for us. Any thoughts.

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