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Re: Profile Comments with BP 1.2



It’s a shame that the core implementation in BP forces you to use a twitter like @mention system for leaving comments on other people’s profiles. It’s not very user friendly for this specific purpose. One of the main reasons so many people that use twitter rely on third party software (connected through the twitter API) is to make the @mention system more manageable and usable, yet BP has this system as the only available option (and without third party applications to make it more usable).

The current BP system doesn’t allow you to use the two most popular and common methods of commenting onto the profile of a user. One method is directly posting a comment into a user’s activity stream (e.g. like on facebook), the other method is leaving a comment at a specific separate section (usually at the bottom) of a user profile. By far the most social networks use either the facebook or myspace style method for commenting on user profiles, and as such this is what most people are most familiar with. It’s a shame that the twitter based @mention system, which is relatively unpopular and quite difficult to use for this specific purpose, is the only available option in BP core.

Who else thinks that it would be a good idea to at least have the option to opt for alternate type profile commenting as part of the BP core system?

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